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Started an online Blood donors Directory to be inaugurated on 22nd Jun 2011 by Ln Er Vineesh Vidhyadharan VDG I elect.

Online vs offline (book) directory:

  • Anyone can access anytime, where as in case of book, need to contact the organisers, and may not be possible all the time
  • Donor list presented in random order in the online site; in the book, the persons on the top of the list may be called more frequently
  • In case of online site, can edit the contents if the donor changes his number or residence, which is not possible once the book is published
  • Can add more donors' name especially ones who benifited by it, may want to enlist their name 

Who can Donate blood:

Any fit adult without serious illnesses or transmissible infections can donate blood. Though donating blood may not add to your health, at least it is not adversely affected. In addition, it's a great social service.

How you can add your name to our list:
Just fill in the feedback form on the right side of the site not leaving out the blood group field. We'll review your submission and add to your list. Any more doubt, you can email us directly at: