Sunday, April 15, 2012

Club Tour April !!

We had a quite enjoyable club tour to Coorg - Virajpet on Apr 14-15th. A good representation of the club, including senior member KP Ahmed joined. Unlike the usual tours, we kept away from cities and shopping, stayed in a homestay, went trekking and other nature adventures. We stayed in a homestay (Mount View, of Mr Boppanna, 9448720665, who was very helpful) near virajpet, a nature-ful location surrounded by hills and lush greenery. We had a campfire on 14th, under stary skies. Our host served us tasty and simple dinner, and breakfast next morning. Morning walk was quite peaceful and relaxing, in the country road. Our host accompanied us, that day, first for a short trek. The climb was quite steep, but exhilarating. After that we visited a nearby small waterfalls. Then we visited a adventure activity center located in the depth of an estate ( Some went in dirt bikes, which could traverse any sort of hilly road. The most exciting part of our tour was the jungle gym. It had 12 stages of activities, like tight rope walking. It was quite nerve wrecking even for the onlookers, but we finished it. There was facilities for rappelling too, over the water fall, but we didn't attempt it, as we were tired and hungry. We said good bye to Coorg after a late lunch in Virajpet (there are no good restaurants there, we had in a small place -Greens).