Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our association with Rotary, Payyanur this year

It's interesting how intimate we are to Rotary clubs in Payyanur. (Rotary club of Payyanur, and Midtown Rotary club of Payyanur.) Rotary activity in Payyanur is quite high, and especially this year, the Rotary District Governor of District 3202 is Rtn VG Nayanar, from Payyanur.

This year, we have had 3 rotarians as chief guests in our family meeting already, and it's being repeated again this month:
Dr Anandakrishnan (Saba Hospital, Payyanur) of Rotary club of Payyanur spoke about monsoon diseases.
Dr Vinaykumar (BKM Hospital, Payyanur, and also, President, IMA Payyanur) of Midtown rotary club of payyanur spoke about Polio and rotary's efforts in it's eradication.
We had Rotary District Governor, VG Nayanar himself as chief guest in our last month's meeting, and our PDG, Ln Dr K Damodaran honoured him.
This month, Dr Santhosh Sreedhar, who is member of Rotary club of Payyanur, is the chief guest and is being felicitated on being the president of IDA (Indian Dental Association), Kerala branch.

We cooperated with Midtown Rotary club of Payyanur in their service project of polio eradication by sponsoring food at Kunhimangalam Panjayath polio booth on national pulse polio day.

This year also, we had a cricket match with Rotary (combined team of both rotary clubs). The match witnessed a fantastic diving catch by our veteren, Ln Gangadharan.

Rtn Dr vinay kuamar speaks on Polio. famous cine artist Sri M T annur also honoured in the meeting.
at polio booth in Kunhimangalam